The format for these topics can be tailored to meet the particular needs of the audience.  Please feel free to discuss specific expectations and anticipated results so that we can customize a plan for your audience.  Most topics are best covered over the course of a retreat; however, those with an asterisk can be condensed to a single one-hour session.

BECOMING EVE - Recovering God’s Good Plan for Womanhood

While the topic of Biblical womanhood has been on the hearts and minds of women in the church for several decades, its significance for this generation cannot be overstated.  The truth about gender, clearly laid out in Scripture, has been slowly eroding in the culture and the church is at risk of drifting away from God’s good and gracious plan for women and men.  This is not a new topic, but we will consider a fresh approach to what has become a watershed issue for the church.  What does it mean to be “transformed” as it relates to our womanhood?  How does that impact every woman personally --- regardless of her season or situation in life?  To what degree does it matter for the church?  Does the issue of gender have any impact on our influence in our neighborhoods, in the board room, or on the parents’ association?  Join us for what promises to be a lively time of teaching and discussion!


Paul’s admonition to the women in Titus’ congregation is meant to instruct and encourage women of all ages and in every season of life in the church.  But how do these verses apply to our lives, really? In a culture that is increasingly independent and self-focused, how are we to think about Paul’s charge for our relationships with one another in the church?  What is there to be gained from Gospel friendships?  Let’s take a fresh look at these well-rehearsed verses to discover a timely and inspiring perspective of God’s plan for sisterhood in His church!

THE ULTIMATE “SURVIVOR”:  lessons on joy from Philippians

While the Apostle Paul was likely the most tortured and abused leader of the early church, many of us can relate to desperate suffering.  Yet Paul’s letter to the little church at Philippi resonates with the command to be joyful.  What did he mean by that?  How was he able to set such an expectation of people who were being harassed and persecuted?  As we study Philippians, we’ll uncover the meaning of and potential for joy in the midst of every circumstance.

MARTHA, MARTHA:  The Rest of the Story

As sister stories go, every woman knows that Mary is the honored one, Martha the one rebuked by the Master.  Unfortunately, we rarely see this story through to the end, as the familiar scene recorded in Luke 10 is only the first of three where the sisters encounter the Savior.  As we study Martha’s journey, we’ll be inspired and encouraged as together we discover Jesus – seeing His transforming love, gentle but persuasive authority and redeeming grace.

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL:  A very short study of the book of James

“Faith alone justifies, but faith that justifies is never alone.”  What exactly is genuine faith?  The little book of James is only five chapters, but it presents for us an authoritative profile for faith that works, genuine faith that resonates in a changed life.  As we study these 108 verses, we will look together into the mirror of the perfect law so that, by grace, we might persevere in the face of temptation, trials and hardship becoming women who are not only hearers of the Word, but doers also.