"A culture untethered from the protective moorings of biblical truth is subject to drifting into the deep and destructive shoals of unbelief.  Given its centrality in both Scripture and life, the issue of role relationships of men and women, and biblical womanhood in particular, should be part of addressing this teaching adrift.  We desperately need right-headed thinking on the subject.  I am thus very thankful for Mrs. Shepherd's fine contribution on Biblical womanhood.  I am expressly grateful for her focus on applying the biblical themes to all of life.  My prayer is that the volume will be well used by parishes all over America as communities rediscover the basic biblical pattern of role relationships of men and women that bring life and life more abundant in Jesus Christ."

Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.
President, Faith for Living, Inc.
Senior Fellow, D. James Kennedy Institute

"Susan Shepherd has written in her powerfully communicative voice of her personal journey as a woman in Christ.  This book, with biblical integrity and warm, honest and approachable anecdotes, encourages all women in all stages and ages as we rest on Christ and walk in step with the Spirit."

Barbara Thompson
Co-Author of The Legacy of Biblical Womanhood
Biblical Counselor