Susan has been a full-time staff member at Christ Covenant Church, a PCA Church in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1991.  She served fourteen years as Director of Children’s Ministries.  Since 2004, Susan has been serving the church as the Director of Women’s Ministries.

Having written and developed a number of Bible Studies, Susan has enjoyed teaching through twelve Bible studies, including Joshua, Proverbs, Isaiah, Mark, John, Acts, and the Pastoral Epistles.  She is currently teaching a study through Revelation.  She is passionate about leading women to Scripture, hoping to whet their appetite for personal study and reflection on God’s Word as a means of personal and cultural transformation.

Susan loves photography, cake pops and cupcakes, the Carolina Panthers and good books (not necessarily in that order).  She is a semi-retired runner and has been an avid CrossFit athlete for several years.  Her favorite pastime is spending time with her children and grandchildren! She is a frequent speaker at women’s retreats and events and has recently published her first book, "Becoming Eve" (available on this website).

Susan has been married to Charles since 1983.  They have two children:  Hannah is 31, married to Dave.  She is co-owner of a gymnastics program in Charlotte and she is the mother Jack, grandson number 2.  Milas is 28, married to Ashley.  They have one son, Micah and new baby girl, Selah.  Milas and Ashley live in Connecticut where Milas attends seminary and they serve on a church planting team.