From the Author

The topic of biblical womanhood has been on the hearts and minds of women in the church for several decades.  It had not, however, been much on my mind.  "Becoming Eve" is largely my own story.  It is the story of my journey from independence and self-promotion fueled by small faith to a great appreciation for and anticipation of God's gracious plan for me as a woman...and for women in every season  and every situation in life.  Having shared over coffee and in workshops with hundreds of women, I have come to believe that my story is not very unique.  It seems that godly womanhood has been sadly misunderstood and mostly ignored by many women -- a trend that is having serious consequences for our homes, our churches and our culture. 

It is my deep desire that this book offer a rich theological underpinning for a renewed consideration of godly womanhood. I am not, however, interested in presenting a text that commends godliness that "results in a kind of obedience that is so begrudging and so empty of delight and hearty affirmation that the Lord is not pleased with it at all." (John Piper, "Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood) Instead, I hope that my story and the biblical foundation that has informed my journey will inspire a vision that inflames the heart and satisfies the soul of every woman as she discovers what it means to "become Eve."

I am forever grateful for the steadfast love and faithfulness of God even when I was at my worst.  I trust you will be encouraged by His grace resonating on every page of this text.  I am praying for you as you read...

grace and peace.


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